2019 Conference Registration opens September 17

Why wait to become a member? Join now and pay less for the conference! 

Six Conference Registration Tips

(Details for each of the 6 tips can be found in Tips for Using Online Registration)    
  1. Know your Membership Type (Association or Individual)
  2. Make sure your name is on NAYDO Membership Roster if your Y is an Association Member
  3. Find out status of membership dues payment (dues must be current to qualify for member rates)
  4. Determine method of conference payment (credit card or check)
  5. Know the differences between a GROUP and INDIVIDUAL registration 
  6. Follow directions to RESERVE SPACES when UNSURE of NAMES.

2019 Conference REGISTRATION 

Once registration opens you can pay in full for a lower rate or put a $100 deposit on your registration and pay the balance in January 2019.

There are two ways to register:  Both a link and a print form will be posted for the opening of registration on September 17.  Learn more about becoming a member so you will qualify for lower rates.
HELPFUL HINT: It can be helpful to view the print version BEFORE going online so you can gather in advance all the information you need from others you may be registering.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE APPLICANTS will be able to register online but must pay the $50 application fee. This is a per applicant fee not per form. In addition you must complete the 2019 Financial Assistance Application.  It will be available on this website by September 17 and the deadline for financial assistance application is December 4, 2018. 


CFRE Certification Credit

Approved conference sessions provide Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) certification credit.

Already a CFRE and interested in the Advanced CFRE (ACFRE) certification, an appointment can be set up with an ACFRE attending the conference. Contact Pam Hearn, CFRE at pam.hearn@ymca.net.

Y-USA Leadership Certification Credits

For US attendees, the NAYDO Conference earns you 16 Leadership Certification Credits.  The NAYDO Conference counts as an elective for the Organizational Leader Bridge Program and counts as recertification credit for the Multi-Team and Branch Leader or Organizational Leader certifications. In order for this to show up properly on your YMCA of the USA transcript, you will need to provide on your NAYDO Conference registration form the following information: date of birth, last 4 digits of your Social Security Number and email address. If any one of those items is left blank, NAYDO cannot submit your record to Y-USA. For any questions, contact leadershipcertification@ymca.net.