Philanthropy Live! Recaps

Sponsor: The Redwoods Group 
 For more a decade, NAYDO attendees have been making a positive impact on our conference host cities.
2021 Philanthropy Live! Recap

Due to the pandemic, local community service projects were not possible for NAYDO 2021. Philanthropy Live! focused instead on an important community issue. "In a racist society, it is not enough to be be non-racist. We must be anti-racist." Angela Davis' words provide the focus for a 2-part virtual workshop series designed by the facilitators, Kevin Trapani, President and CEO of The Redwoods Group, and Tim Helm, President and CEO of the Gateway Region YMCA/Host Y for NAYDO 2021.

Part 1: The Anti-Racist YMCA: How Are We Called to Serve?

As 2020 events have shown, America faces a deep reckoning around how racism manifests itself in our cultures, our institutions and our power structures - including organizations such as the Y that have at their very core the words in John 17:21 "That they all may be one." Dismantling these manifestations will take time, and it will take real, strategic work. Yet it is exactly waht the Y is called to do at moments in history like these. We will explore how institutional racism shows up within the Y, and within the communities we serve, and we will identify practical strategies for countering it.
Part 2: The Anti-Racist YMCAs: Funding the Work
If dismantling racism takes time and real work, then there needs to be funding for that work - for internal efforts to address racism within the Y as well as for outreach efforts to become more pro-active anti-racism advocates, organizers and providers in the community. We will explore proven strategies for ensuring sustainable, long-term funding and engaged partners who can enhance and inform your efforts. 

2020 Philanthropy Live! Projects, almost all of which sold out, were not conducted because of the last-minute cancellation of the NAYDO 2020 Conference due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. Thank you to Donnie Shaw, YMCA of Metro Washington, for his leadership on the design and promotion of those projects.

2019 Philanthropy Live! Recap

Founded by The Redwoods Group, Philanthropy Live! celebrated its ninth year in Indianapolis. Volunteers participated in five projects at Laurelwood - Intercollegiate YMCA, Benjamin Harrison YMCA, Gleaners Food Bank, and Hoosier Veterans Assistance Foundation.

2019 Philanthropy Live! video

2018 Philanthropy Live! Recap

In our eighth year, volunteers, sponsored by The Redwoods Group, participated in the following projects in the New Orleans area: unCommon Construction, Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana (CRCL), Belle Chasse YMCA Community Garden, and ARC Mardi Gras Bead Project.

2017 Philanthropy Live! Recap

The Redwoods Group enthusiastically supported our NAYDO 2017 conference attendees as they participated in these projects in the San Diego area: YMCA Camp Surf, International Rescue Committee Fresh Farm Community Garden, Father Joe's Villages, Take Back the Alley, and YMCA Turning Point and Tommie's Place.
Watch a video from 2017 Philanthropy LIVE!

2016 Philanthropy Live! Recap

Thanks to the generous support of The Redwoods Group, NAYDO 2016 conference attendees participated in these projects that included two in Canada: Windsor-Essex YMCA Newcomer Program, Windsor-Essex County Community Garden Collective, Back Alley Bikes, Gleaners Community Food Bank, Michigan Urban Farm Initiative and Greening of Detroit.
Watch a video from 2016 Philanthropy LIVE!

2015 Philanthropy Live! Recap
Check out this video to see the 2015 projects in action! With the ongoing support of NAYDO sponsor, The Redwoods Group, 2015 Conference attendees participated in Philanthropy Live! projects in record numbers. Projects included Open Hand (meal prep and packing, meal delivery, and the first-ever Young Professionals Project: market basket packing); an Earth Day Project at The Villages at Carver Family YMCA; furniture building and distribution at The Furniture Bank of Metro Atlanta; medical supplies sorting at MedShare; and providing a pancake breakfast at SafeHouse Outreach.

2014 Philanthropy Live! Recap
With continued support from The Redwoods Group and NetVentures Corporations, the 2014 NAYDO Conference included community service projects at the San Antonio Food Bank (Mobile Food Pantry, Community Garden, Kid's Cafe, along with sorting and packing), a Mission Reach Ecosystem Restoration and Recreation Project, and a Y Early Learning Center-Haven for Hope Children's Celebration.

2013 Philanthropy Live! Recap
With inspiration and amazing support from The Redwoods Group and NetVentures Corporation, the 2013 NAYDO Conference offered several choices for community service projects in Vancouver, including Dress for Success, Gordon Neighborhood House and the Surrey Wrap Project. 

2012 Philanthropy Live! Recap
With the support from The Redwoods Group, the 2012 NAYDO Conference offered three choices for community service projects in the Pittsburgh area. View “Philanthropy Live!” at  Global Links, Hazelwood YMCA, and Auberle in this video.