Staff New to Leading YMCA Development Network

Network Sponsor: SCORE Sports

Council Liaison: Pam Havlick Hearn, CFRE, YMCA of Greater Monmouth County
Coordinator: Darlene Hepburn,  YMCA of Greater Vancouver
Team: Elizabeth Kearns, Fredericton YMCA  

Staff New to Leading YMCA Development Experience During Opening Reception
Wed., April 3   6:30 -7:30 pm
If you are new to the Y or new to leading your Y's financial development program within the last three years, this is the network for you! Join us and meet others who share the same questions, challenges and opportunities. We'll exchange ideas, resources and lessons learned that can help you thrive in your new role. ALL FINANCIAL DEVELOPMENT STAFF JOIN US ONSITE FOR THE OPENING RECEPTION EXPERIENCE. We'll be playing BINGO and focusing on getting people to know each other and making connections so they have friends they can recognize throughout the conference. 

Staff New to Leading YMCA Development Philanthropy Forum
Friday, April 5      2:30 - 3:30 pm

Philanthropy Forum encourages attendees to share "Aha" moments, key take-aways, and suggestions for what you want to see in the coming year for the network.

Network Events


October 17, 2023 Virtual Event
About the Network and Building a Culture of Philanthropy
Video Recording     Slide Deck     Culture of Philanthropy Assessment