Program & Membership Staff

Sponsor: Startup Smartup

Coordinator: Leslie Bryant, YMCA of Virginia Peninsulas 
Council Liaison: Rachel Bowman, YMCA of Central Florida

Program and Membership Directors play an important role in telling the YMCA story and furthering YMCA philanthropic efforts but don't have many opportunities to focus on this at other Y gatherings. To make this happen, join the Program & Membership Staff Network.

At NAYDO 2023 Conference
Tuesday, April 11
Network Reception - Speed Networking

4:15 - 5:30 pm Central

Bring your business cards and get ready to speed network! Join the Program and Membership Network for a fun and efficient way to meet all the people in the room. Interact with your peers in a round robin format that will allow you to introduce yourself, share what you are hoping to learn at the conference and easily find others who are doing more of what you want to do so you can learn from them too. Enjoy time at the end of the session to connect deeper with the network attendees and continue the conversation.

Network Special Session: Plug & Play Annual Campaign Training: An Interactive Train-the-Trainer Workshop
Thursday, April 13
2:45 - 3:45 pm Central

This is a hands-on interactive training session on annual campaign you won't want to miss!