International Attendees


At the 2023 Conference
International Attendees are defined as those attendees from countries other than the USA or Canada. Right next to the NAYDO Registration/Information Center will be the Y-USA World Service/International Hospitality Center Booth for your convenience.

Note: Complimentary Spanish translation is available for the Wednesday and Thursday General Sessions and selected workshops identified in the Advance Planner. Headsets can be picked up and returned to the Y-USA World Service/International Hospitality Center.

Coordinator: Mary Tikalsky, CFRE, YMCA of the USA 
Advisor/Translation Services: Renata Ferrari, YMCA of the USA 
Council Liaison: Antonio Merino, YMCA Latin America and Caribbean 

International Reception (By invitation to all international attendees)
Tuesday, April 11 
5:45 - 9:15 pm (Time bus leaves Marriott and returns to Marriott)
Transportation provided to the YMCA International Services location. Sign-up through the invitation you will receive; it is not on registration form.

YMCA Latin American and Caribbean Attendees Meeting (YMCA LAC) - by invitation only
Wednesday, April 12     
5:30 - 6:30 pm Central

YMCA Latin American and Caribbean leaders focused on strengthening the culture of philanthropy will share their experiences and discuss strategies to advance global philanthropy, strengthen their fundraising efforts, and increase their social impact across the region.  Invitations will be sent by Antonio Merino, YMCA LAC,, so contact YMCA LAC if you have questions. 

Thursday Special Session 
8:00 - 9:00 am
Building Long-Term Government Relationships for Continuing Funding

Gloria Hidalgo, YMCA of Bogota & Cundinamarca
This session will be conducted in Spanish.

Global Philanthropy Forum
Thursday, April 13    
2:45 - 3:45 pm Central

Under the leadership of Mary Tikalsky, Renata Ferrari, and Antonio Merino, this interactive session will provide the opportunity for international attendees to discuss innovative ideas from the NAYDO Conference as well as successes and challenges in YMCA fundraising and resource mobilization in the participating countries and regions of the world. Participants will also discuss strategies on how to integrate the NAYDO experience in the local/global YMCA context and how NAYDO can continue to help advance global philanthropy in North America and worldwide.  

Contact your Network leaders for more specific details on year-round activities.