Networks Year-Round & at Conference

Networks Manager: Erica Halpern, NAYDO
Networks Council Liaison: Tom Clingman, YMCA of Frederick County
For assistance signing up for a network, contact Kathy Meehan, NAYDO Database Specialist

When you activate your NAYDO Membership benefits for the Membership Year September 2022-August 2023, you have
the opportunity to sign up for one or more of NAYDO's 10 networks

Staff New to Leading YMCA Development

VIP (Volunteers in Philanthropy) Board Members/Fundraising Volunteers

Young Professionals (Y Staff and Board under age 40)

Operations Staff (Branch EDs, Associate EDs, Centre Directors, COOs, VPs)

Smaller Ys (Under $4M)

MarCom Professionals

Grant Writers Group

Program & Membership Staff

Camp Professionals

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion in Philanthropy


Note to CEOs: There is no network specifically for CEOs since CEOs have many opportunities for networking as a group. Consider a focus on one aspect of your job to determine the best network for you.

Note to International Members/Conference Attendees: International Attendees are in a Philanthropy Alliance group. Learn more here.

Network Activities During Conference

Network members registered for the conference will have additional opportunities.
At the conference, each network will have a virtual pre-conference get-acquainted session, an in-person reception on Tuesday that includes a 15-minute orientation component, and each network choosing its own format for a final day session at NAYDO 2023.

​Network Activities Year-Round

For the September 2022–August 2023 NAYDO year, each network has a minimum of 2 virtual events - one in the fall and one in the winter. As they are finalized, year-round activities will be posted under the specific network and on the homepage calendar. Contact the Network leaders listed for more information.


Network names link to more info

Staff New to Leading YMCA Development | Sponsor: gro>

Council Liaison:   Pam Havlick Hearn, CFRE, YMCA of Greater Monmouth County

Coordinator:       Darlene Hepburn, YMCA of Greater Vancouver
Team:                Alexandra Mooney, YMCA Canada

Young Professionals (Under 40 Staff and Board Members) | Sponsor: Colaluca & Associates, Inc.

Council Liaison:    Bruce Ham, YMCA of the Triangle 

Under 40 Network Coordinator:   Devon Maloney, Lakeland Hills YMCA 
Team Members:                         Jarrod Williams (YPP Alumni), Tampa Metro Area YMCA 
                                                Jarred Barnes (YPP Alumni), Riverbrook Regional YMCA 
                                                Jared Hauer (YPP Alumni), Denver YMCA 

Staff (31 Years of Age and Younger) can apply for the Young Professionals Class of 2023 once conference registration opens through December 6, 2022.
Young Professionals Class Coordinator:  Courtney Cordero (YPP Alumni), YMCA of San Diego County 

Young Professionals Alumni Coordinator:  Abby Waeiss (YPP Alumni), YMCA of the North 


Smaller Ys  (Under $4M Independent Associations) | Sponsor: American City Bureau

Council Liaison:    Angie Lassley, YMCA of Salina Kansas

Coordinator:        Paul Andresen, Alumni & Retiree Team 
Coordinator:        Shane Nelson, Family YMCA of Moore County 


Operations Staff | Sponsor: Daxko

(COOs, District Vice Presidents, Branch Executives, Associate Executives, Center Directors, other Operations staff)

Council Liaison:    Molly Thompson, NC Alliance of YMCAs 

Coordinator:        Bill Powell, YMCA of Greater Louisville   
Coordinator:        Kait Johnson, YMCA of Virginia's Blue Ridge

VIP (Volunteers in Philanthropy): Board Members & Fundraising Volunteers | Sponsor: American City Bureau

Council Liaison:    Rick Callebs, YMCA of Greater Spartanburg 

Coordinator:        Mike Hood (VIP), YMCA of San Diego County

Grant Writers  | Sponsor: Grant Professionals Association
Council Liaison:    Kathe Elwell, CFRE, YMCA of the USA 
Coordinator:        Erin Laumer, LMSW, YMCA of the USA 
Coordinator:        Kevin Hogan, YMCA of Metro Washington             


Camp Professionals | Sponsor: CampDoc

Council Liaison:     Beth Rondello, Camp Manito-wish YMCA, Inc. 
Camp Cabinet Liaison: Sallie Ransom, YMCA of the Triangle 

Team:                  Cory Harrison, YMCA of Greenville 

                           Drew Hullinger, YMCA of Metro Atlanta 


MarCom Professionals | Sponsor: Radar Promotions                        

Council Liaison:    Carrie Collins, CFRE, YMCA of Northwest North Carolina 
Coordinator:         Beth Casper, Eugene Family YMCA
Team:                  Michelle Polivka, YMCA of the Rock River Valley

Program & Membership Staff | Sponsor: Startup Smartup

Council Liaison:    Rachel Bowman, YMCA of Coastal Georgia   

Coordinator:         Leslie Bryant, YMCA of Virginia Peninsulas 


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion in Philanthropy| Sponsor: The Redwoods Group

Council Liaison:     Kevin Bolding, YMCA of Central Florida