NAYDO Impact Measurement

‚ÄčWant to win both a FREE REGISTRATION and FREE LODGING for 3 nights at the 2021 Conference in St. Louis? Have one person from your YMCA Association* submit your Y’s philanthropy-related goals by May 8, 2020 for one chance on a drawing that will take place at the NAYDO Council Meeting in June 2020. Winner will be announced by email to all who participate.

The NAYDO Council is asking each YMCA (not each individual attendee) represented at NAYDO 2020 to participate by completing the online form. It’s easy to complete! Simply identify some philanthropy-related goals your YMCA is planning to measure based on learnings at the conference. NAYDO Council members will follow-up with you on your progress within 6 months.

* Your Y’s Association Membership Contact will be considered the contact for this effort unless your Y prefers someone else.

Download the sample 2020 NAYDO Impact Measurement Survey so you see the questions in advance. Then,  complete the online survey when posted.

If you have questions, contact NAYDO Interim Year-Round Learning Coordinator Kristen Obaranec.