Excellence in Fundraising:
NAYDO 2022 Eagle Award

Deadline for Nominations: December 6, 2021

Designed to recognize Associations who are integrating philanthropy into all aspects of YMCA work

The Eagle Award for Excellence in Fundraising is presented annually to YMCA Associations who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in YMCA Financial Development.  Because there are budget size categories, more than one Y can win each year. NOTE:  If your YMCA received the Eagle Award prior to 2018, your Y is eligible to reapply providing details of your more recent accomplishments.

Four Categories for Awards**

Categories are based on Association Operating Budget Size.

* $25 million and above
* $10 million - $25 million
* $ 2 million - $10 million
* Less than $2 million

**Note: The Eagle Award is for truly outstanding achievement. The NAYDO Council retains the right to not present the award if none of the nominees rises to the level of truly outstanding achievement.


Associations must be NAYDO Association Members and demonstrate the following criteria:
1. Leadership is committed, aligned and personally involved in fundraising.
2. All levels fo the organization are involved and held responsible for relationship building.
3. Everyone (across all positions) promotes philanthropy and can articulate the case for giving.
4. Effective communication strategy is in place that both elevates the cause of the Y and communicates the impact that donors' gifts make.
5. Board members' role in financial development is definted during recruitment and confirmed during orientation. Board demonstrates 100% giving and a majority of board members are actively soliciting philanthropic support.
6. The YMCA demonstrates evidence of yearly growth in the annual campaign with member involvement as a primary component.
7. There is a history of successful capital campaign(s) that address critical needs within their community.
8. An endowment program is in place and demonstrates annual growth.
9. The YMCA follows best practices in fundraising, with an emphasis on peer to peer fundraising.
10. The YMCA has shared its fundraising excellence and influence with other YMCAs.
11. There is a demonstrated commitment to fundraising and financial accountability standards (i.e. AFP Donor Bill of Rights, Imagine Canada Standards Program, BBB Standards for Charitable Accountability.
12. Adherence to your country's YMCA Brand Guidelines is required.

A panel of judges consisting of past Eagle Award winners convenes after the December 6 nomination deadline; all nominated YMCAs are notified by the Eagle Award Chair of their status in late January prior to the January 31 conference registration deadline.

Nomination Process

Who can nominate? A supervisor, staff colleague, board member, campaign volunteer, a Y-USA/YMCA Canada or YMCA Mexico staff member, or any other interested party with a thorough knowledge of the YMCA's fundraising record would be appropriate. NAYDO encourages Association self-nomination from deserving and perhaps overlooked YMCAs.

Download Nomination Form 

Presentation of Eagle Awards/Video

Awards are presented at the Friday Impact Awards General Session during the annual NAYDO Conference. It is expected that an award-winning Y already has a delegation registered for the conference. The award-winning Y qualifies for ONE FREE CONFERENCE REGISTRATION which can be used for reimbursement for someone already registered or for a new registration.

If selected, your YMCA will be asked to participate in the making of a short video presentation that tells your YMCA's philanthropic story. Participants for the video should/may include a donor, and someone whose life has been impacted as a result of the Y's philanthropic efforts. NAYDO will work with you and a local videographer to film it in February, and you can use it after the conference. The video serves as your acceptance speech, but key people at the conference will receive the award on stage.

Links are provided below for viewing of past winners' videos. Due to cancellation of NAYDO 2020 because of the pandemic, that year's winners were recognized at the NAYDO 2021 Virtual Conference and no nominations were accepted for 2021.

   •  View 2020 Award Winner - Gateway Region YMCA
Lamplighter Society      Positioning Campaign Sample     Capital Campaign

   •  View 2020 Award Winner - YMCA of Western North Carolina
          Me + 3     Annual Report     You See We See posters

    Watch this NAYDO Volunteer in Philanthropy (VIP) Network Event video from May 18, 2021: A conversation with
    volunteers and staff from the 2020 Eagle Awards YMCAs on how they achieve excellence in fundraising. 



Contact Shelly McTighe-Rippengale, Eagle Awards Chair
YMCA of San Diego County
3708 Ruffin Road
San Diego, CA 92123 USA
619 403 0447