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Ten Things to Know Before You Register Online    

  1. Know your NAYDO Membership status; if unsure of your status contact info@naydo.org or view the NAYDO Association Member list. If not a NAYDO Member, consider joining now!
  2. If your Y is an Association Member, make sure your name has been added to the new Cvent roster by your Association Group Leader/Contact.
  3. Find out if your Y wants to pay in full or only pay a $100 deposit to guarantee the lower rates.
  4. If you select Pay in Full, the new Cvent system will charge you in full not just for the conference fee but all additional optional items you select such as Impact Tours.
    To PAY IN FULL ONLY the CONFERENCE REGISTRATION FEE itself do NOT add optional items initially but go back in at another point in time to select and pay for them.
  5. Determine method of conference payment (credit card or check). Wire transfers can be arranged.
  6. If you select CREDIT CARD payment and you are registering more than just yourself, be aware that each individual's registration will be charged separately but the invoice/receipt that follows upon completion of the registration shows each registrant's amount as well as a total for all combined.
  7. If you are paying by check (payable to NAYDO), the check must arrive in the NAYDO Office within 2 weeks of your registration date.
  8. Save each Confirmation Number found in the Confirmation email sent immediately following completion of online registration: the Cvent system identifies you by that number. There are no passwords.
  9. An INVOICE is emailed upon completion of the registration. Please forward it at that time to your accounting office or whomever may need this document. Your confirmation number is also listed on this document.
  10. Want to RESERVE SPACES but you DON'T KNOW THE NAMES yet? All names and related information must be provided by January 29, 2021. That is a requirement if you choose to take advantage of this opportunity. Click here for DIRECTIONS for Registering Spaces When You Don't Have Names.

One Thing to Know After You Register Online About Making Changes

 In the new Cvent database you can both SUBSTITUTE and MODIFY existing registrations but be sure to Click here for DIRECTIONS for SUBSTITUTING and for MODIFYING (changing an attendee's information) Registrations whether originally done online or by paper copies.

2021 Conference REGISTRATION Form

Rates for NAYDO 2021 have not yet been determined but will be posted once approved.
Learn more about becoming a member so you will qualify for lower rates.
HELPFUL HINT: Review the form BEFORE completing, so you can gather in advance the information you need from others you may be registering.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE APPLICANTS will be able to register online but must pay the $50 application fee. This is a per applicant fee not per form. In addition, you must complete the online 2021 Financial Assistance application UNLESS you were awarded conference assistance for NAYDO 2020 and did not cancel before March 1, 2020. In the summer of NAYDO 2020 all applicants will be notified of exact amount and guidelines for use toward NAYDO 2021.  The deadline for financial assistance applications for NAYDO 2021 has not yet been determined.

CFRE Certification Credit

Approved conference sessions provide Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) certification credit.

Y-USA Leadership Certification Credits

For U.S. attendees, the NAYDO Conference earns you 16 Leadership Certification Credits. The NAYDO Conference counts as an elective for the Organizational Leader Bridge Program and counts as recertification credit for the Multi-Team and Branch Leader or Organizational Leader certifications. In order for this to show up properly on your YMCA of the USA transcript, you will need to provide on your NAYDO Conference registration form the following information: date of birth, last 4 digits of your Social Security Number and email address. If any items are left blank, NAYDO cannot submit your record to Y-USA. For any questions, contact leadershipcertification@ymca.net