Young Professionals Network

Sponsor: Colaluca & Associates
For YMCA part and full time staff and board members under the age of 40 by August 31, 2023. (See details at bottom for Young Professional Class of 2023 Application for ages 31 and under)

Council Liaison:                         Bruce Ham, YMCA of the Triangle
Class of 2023 Coordinator:         Courtney Cordero (YPP Alumni), YMCA of San Diego County
YPP Alumni Coordinator:             Abby Waeiss (YPP Alumni), YMCA of Greater Indianapolis

Under 40 Network Coordinator:   Devon Maloney, Lakeland Hills YMCA 
Team Members:                         Jarrod Williams (YPP Alumni), Tampa Metro Area YMCA                                                                                                  Jarred Barnes (YPP Alumni), Riverbrook Regional YMCA,                                               
                                                Jared Hauer (YPP Alumni), Denver YMCA

Not to be confused with the NAYDO Conference Young Professionals Class of 2023 that involves a selection process (see below), the Young Professionals Network is open to all NAYDO Association Members  under the age of 40. Select the Young Professionals Network when you activate your benefits giving NAYDO permission to send you emails. If you need assistance with signing up or have questions about the program activities, just email

At NAYDO 2023 Conference
Tuesday, April 11 
Network Reception
4:15–5:30 pm Central

If you are under 40 and not participating in the offsite Philanthropy Live! Project 3 stop by the Young Professionals Reception to meet others in your age group attending the conference and connect in a fun social setting.
Tuesday, April 11  4:30 – 8:00 pm
Philanthropy Live! Project 3: (Young Professionals Network Project - Must be Under 40 to Participate)
Houston Zoo Beautification plus Dinner in the Gorilla Treehouse     


(Advance sign-up & signed waiver required; bus transportation, water & snacks provided) Fee: $20 for dinner

Situated in the lovely Hermann Park, the Houston Zoo, home to more than 6,000 animals and over 900 species, connects communities with animals to inspire action to save wildlife and is committed to being a global leader to save animals in the wild. Project participants will have the opportunity to work on Zoo beautification projects for guest engagement and projects that enhance animal welfare.

Each year one project is designated for our Under age 40 staff and volunteer attendees for a unique chance to network and be of service.  Participants will enjoy a box dinner nestled above the expansive gorilla habitat in the Nau Family Gorilla Treehouse. This intimate and exclusive space provides one-of-a-kind views of the gorilla and red river hog habitat. Advance sign-up is required.

Wednesday, April 12 
Hot Topics Round B
9:45 – 10:30 am Central

Mentoring Opportunity for Under 40 Young Professionals

Signup for a 45-minute session with a seasoned professional just to talk about whatever you would like to discuss. No long term commitment beyond the session unless you want to continue the relationship. For more information contact Abby Waeiss, YPP Alumni,

Young Professionals Class of 2023

Application Deadline is December 6, 2022 ** 
Must be no older than age 31 by August 31, 2023
While Conference Registration is required there is no additional cost for this program if selected.

**Download the Young Professsionals Class of 2023 application

2023 Young Professional Class Coordinator: Courtney Cordero (YPP Alumni), YMCA of San Diego County
2023 Young Professional Alumni Coordinator:   Abby Waeiss, YPP Alumni,  YMCA of Greater Indianapolis
The Young Professionals Program offers NAYDO  Members who are YMCA staff (part time or full time) between the ages of 21 and 31 (by August 31, 2023) a unique and exceptional conference experience focused on networking, professional development and mentoring. 

Through this program, NAYDO Young Professionals will set personal goals and outcomes for their time at the conference, connect with peers and mentors from around the world, increase capacity to deliver on philanthropic goals at their Y and deepen their understanding of and commitment to a culture of philanthropy. For the supervisors of young professionals, this is a unique opportunity to invest in young staff members to advance the culture of philanthropy through a new generation of professionals.

Required Participation:
Tuesday, April 11 - Orientation. (3:00 - 4:00 pm)
*Not Required but the Philanthropy Live! Project 3 on April 11 for Young Professionals is strongly recommended; if dinner cost is a concern discuss with NAYDO Office ( in advance)
Wednesday, April 12 - Career Track Hot Topics (during Hot Topics Round A) (Round B Mentoring is recommended)
Wednesday, April 12 - Keynote General Session Luncheon (sit together as a group)
Thursday, April 13 - Philanthropy Forum for Class of 2023 (after General Session Luncheon)

Since its inception at the NAYDO 2010 Conference, 240 young professionals have completed the program. See if you know any of our active Young Professionals Alumni on the YP Alumni Roster

 **   Once it is past this deadline of December 6, 2022, if you have unique circumstances that caused you to miss it (example: new hire), contact the NAYDO Office at regarding late application options.
Young Professionals – As a result of your participation you will:
  • Receive priority consideration if you apply for conference financial assistance.
  • Determine personal goals and outcomes for the conference with your supervisor
  • Receive a recommended customized schedule of workshops to attend based on your goals
  • Be recognized for completion of the program as a member of the Class of 2023 if you participate in the required sessions.
Supervisors – As a result of supporting a Young Professional’s participation you will:
  • Cultivate more committed, engaged staff with the potential to positively impact staff retention rates
  • Provide training opportunities at no additional cost to your association through webinars, mentoring opportunities and peer networking
  • Build capacity of staff to understand, articulate and deliver on philanthropic goals of your YMCA
  • Have staff with enhanced professional skills including goal-setting, organization, public speaking, fundraising and more
  • Support staff development assisted by external specialists
  • Increase visibility of your YMCA through recognition at NAYDO conference

Questions about the program?
Mary Zoller, NAYDO Operations & Conference Director,
Bruce Ham, Young Professionals Council Liaison,