Financial Assistance

Conference Assistance is a NAYDO Member benefit; if you are not a current NAYDO Member, visit the Membership page BEFORE you complete the Conference Financial Assistance Form. Be aware that Membership Assistance is also available.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The December 5th deadline to apply for financial assistance has passed. If you apply now you will be on a waiting list. The only way more funds become available is if those who applied and received awards cancel from conference.

NAYDO Conference Financial Assistance application 

NAYDO, the North American YMCA Development Organization, is committed to enhancing the professional education of individuals in the area of philanthropy. To help worthy individuals develop their fundraising skills and abilities, NAYDO has established a financial assistance program to assist in attending the annual NAYDO conference on YMCA Philanthropy. Over $85,000 was awarded for the 2016 Conference in Detroit.

Steps involved in applying for conference financial assistance:
1. BEFORE completing the online form, be aware you must indicate which of these 2 types of assistance you are requesting: (it can be one or both) and your CEO must sign off on your application:
  • Registration Fee Assistance (internal transfer of funds so you only pay the $50 application fee (see # 2 below)
  • Travel Assistance (you receive a check at the conference in a specific amount and can choose which travel expenses you want to apply it to)
3. Register for the conference as a Financial Assistance Applicant - either Staff or Volunteer - and pay the $50 application fee at that time. You are not obligated to attend if you do not receive assistance; however, the $50 application fee is non-refundable.

Financial Assistance Guidelines

1. Financial Assistance will be for the 2017 NAYDO Conference on YMCA Philanthropy in San Diego on April 26-29.

2. Financial Assistance is available to any NAYDO Member.

3. Priority will be given to YMCAs who have the greatest financial needs and who: 
  • have not attended a NAYDO Conference before
  • are first time applicants
  • are not running current support campaigns, but are committed to do so within the next year
  • are bringing both staff and volunteers to the conference
  • have had a CEO change resulting in a new CEO starting within the 18 months prior to April 2017.
  • have applied for NAYDO Young Professionals Program or are Alumni of the program
4. Each YMCA Association that receives financial assistance is required to: 1) Submit a letter by email to Pam Hearn, CFRE, NAYDO Membership and Education Director, describing their delegation's key learnings from the conference and 2) Participate in the NAYDO Impact Measurement Project which involves identifying 3-5 philanthropy related Association goals following the conference and sharing your YMCA's progress on them periodically. 

5. Financial assistance recipients will authorize use of comments from their letters (see #4) in NAYDO promotional pieces including e-blasts, web site, brochure, Developments, NAYDO videos, mobile app, social  media and other applicable communications.

NAYDO Financial Assistance Chair Gregory Phillips
President/CEO, Dryades YMCA