Smaller YMCA Network (Under $2M & $2-$4M)

Advisor: Paul Andresen, NAYDO Alumni & Retiree Team, pdandresen@gmail.com

Are you a staff member or volunteer from an independent YMCA with a budget size of $2 million or under? Or is your budget in the $2M - $4M range?  Not sure how all of this information at NAYDO can possibly apply to you?  Make plans for getting the most out of your conference experience without suffering "Y envy" of YMCAs with more resources than yours. When you have no development department and are "doing it all," that can require doing some things differently, but your philanthropic efforts CAN succeed. This network has two groups: one for Ys with budgets under $2M and one for Ys with budgets of $2M-$4M.

Meet & Greet Moment

Wednesday, April 3
4:30 - 4:45 pm

Gather by your network's flag (same location as Power Hour that follows) to meet and greet others in your network. The first 50 people to arrive for the Meet and Greet Moment will received their network's ribbon.

Power Hour

Wednesday, April 3   
4:45 - 5:45 pm   

Get acquainted with other staff from smaller YMCAs, hear recommendations on best workshops and Hot Topics to attend and learn more about this network. Group may chose to go out to dinner together afterwards.

Designated Seating at Thursday Keynote Lunch

Thursday, April 4
Noon - 1:45 pm

This Network will have at least 1 reserved table at the Thursday General Session Luncheon for Smaller YMCA network members. It is an option for those who would like to sit together but not required.

Philanthropy Forum for Small Ys

Friday, April 5    
3:30 - 4:45 pm

How does all this work in a small Y? NAYDO Council Member Shadra Jenkins, Small Y Network Chair and CEO of the Jackson Area Y in Ohio will facilitate this session where attendees can share what they learned, brainstorm how to implement it back home without the benefit of a development team, and determine at least one action step to focus on. Time will be allotted to discuss ways NAYDO can become more helpful to Small Ys and ways networking started at the conference can continue year round.

SMY Designation on Workshops

Presenters were asked to indicate if their content is applicable to Small and Mid-Size YMCAs often without development staff. Look for SMY in the list of target audiences.